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Pump a Septic Tank

When to Pump a Septic Tank?

Pumping Your Septic Tank System

Why is it important?

Having your tanks pumped is important. Solids exiting the house build up in the septic tank and often in the pump tank. If the solids build up too high, they can plug the baffles in your septic tank, causing a backup in the house. Solids can also be forced into your drain field (or sand/gravel filter, etc.) causing it to plug and fail.

When is it time to pump?

  • There is less than 3″ between the bottom of the floating solids and the bottom of the outlet baffle.
  • There is less than 12″ between the top of the settled solids and the bottom of the outlet baffle.

Note: When  having the tank pumped, make sure to pump the second compartment. If you have a pump tank, have it checked and pumped if necessary.

Keep track of your septic tank services.

Click here to download this handy PDF form.

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